MeetAnders review: Should you try this unlimited design service?

Are you struggling with creating attractive images and media for your website? You cannot do it yourself well enough or it takes too much of your time? A (supposedly) easy solution to that is to outsource this work.

There are a few ways to approach this problem:

  1. Hire a professional designer. This comes with a hefty price tag and you need to provide a steady workload for them.
  2. Find a deal on Fiverr.  It is often a hit-and-miss and requires a lot of vetting before finding a good freelancer.
  3. Use unlimited design services. Such services charge a flat fee and can be a good solution to our problem.

Outsourcing graphics design is never easy. At least for me. I always look for a good combination of price and value and this is hard to find.

I never hired a professional designer precisely because of the price. I tried Fiverr a few times and got disappointed with the quality. 

Then, I decided to try out an unlimited graphic design service! I tried Kapa99 and it was also a flop as you can read from my review.

But I did not give up!

Because of my Kapa99 review I mentioned above, I got contacted by the owner of another unlimited graphic design service, MeetAnders. Marilyn offered me to try out the services provided by her agency and I agreed.

What MeetAnders offers

MeetAnders is a company that offers unlimited graphic design services.

It means that for a flat monthly fee, you can send them as many orders as you need and request as many revisions as you need.

It’s like a buffet-style restaurant but you pay on per time basis instead of a per-entry basis.

If you need to create a lot of media and graphic designs instead of having a one-time project, this might be what you need.

MeetAnders can design various graphics such as lead magnets, social media posts and profiles, sales landing pages, and more. 

If you become their client, the agency will assign you a team of 2 that consists of a manager and a designer. 

Through your subscription, the same designer work on your project or at least, the company tries hard to keep the same person. If they have to change your designer, there is a process in place to handle the work over so that the style of your work is preserved.

meetAnders examples of work

With unlimited revisions, the service charges $497 a month.

MeetAnders offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, if you do not like their service, you can ask for your money back during the first 14 days. If you have doubts about whether the service is for you or just want to see their quality, the trial period is perfect for that.

In this review, I will tell you all about my experience and whether MeetAnders is worth your time and money.

How to work with MeetAnders

Since with the services like this, time is literally money, you may want to make your work with them as efficient as possible. After all, the more it is done during the period you paid for, the better is the design ROI!

Prepare in advance

First of all, make sure you have enough work for them. 

From my experience, it will take them at least 1 business day to make one design of average complexity like a simple infographic. For each design revision, I would add an extra business day. 

Based on that, they should be able to make 10-14 designs per month. I used the service for 2 weeks and got 5 infographics done.

After making sure you have enough work to do, sign up to start your trial.


MeetAnders supports only one workflow for submitting requests: email.

You send them an email with the design description and they will send you back the design versions.

Since you are working only with one designer, you cannot submit multiple designs to work on in parallel. I think this is the reason why the email workflow works well here.

A big plus of MeetAnders is that they deliver not one version but two of the same design

The versions can differ in colors and layout. It allows you to look at it from a different angle and get a better perspective on what can be done here.

After getting your design

Once you get the design back, double-check if everything is how you want it to be.

I did not have any problems with spelling but I did ask to make the design more elaborated like changing the font and font size, changing colors, etc.

For me, having one review was enough to get what I wanted.

How to present the changes you want to do

Simply take a screenshot of the design and draw on it to explain what needs to be changed.


Pros of MeetAnders

  1. Professional design
  2. Good quality of work
    Usually, I asked for only 1 iteration of fixes, and with 1 infographic, I did not ask for changes at all
  3. 2 versions of design by default provided
    Sometimes, I even got 3 versions of the same design.
  4. All the source files (AI, PSD) provided once you are satisfied with the design
  5. You work with the same designer
    Since it’s the same designer who works with you, this person learns your preferences and tries to make the next design to take it into account.

Cons of MeetAnders

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world and neither is this unlimited graphic design service.

  1. Their timezone does not match the US/Canada time zone.
    They have a 12-hour time difference with ET: “Our working hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Singapore time. Which should be 9 pm to 6 am your time in Montreal.” It means you cannot get fixes quickly during the day; for that, you would need to work after 9 PM.
  2. The service is a bit too slow.
    Their speed is one revision or even request per day – even if it’s only sending back source files. This is pretty slow.  Sometimes it was even slower than that and a couple of times, it was even slower and I started worrying a bit.

My experience with MeetAnders

I did not find MeetAnders; on the contrary, they found my post about Kapa99 and contacted me.

Marilyn offered me a 2-week trial and I decided to give it a try.

Overall, it was a good experience working with MeetAnders.

My results

I managed to make 5 infographics during the 14-day trial period. It was a relaxed and easy experience thanks to (partially?) the not-so-fast speed the agency works with.

What I liked and what I didn’t like

What I liked the most was that they gave me two versions of each design right off the bat. It gave me two different perspectives on my designs. In some cases, I even used both versions in the same article.

What I did not like the most was that they were in a different timezone. I hoped to have a fast turnaround by doing multiple revisions but it did not happen. Each revision took them a day to address and I think it’s too slow. Good thing I did not need that many revisions!

Thanks to the fact that I was working with the same designer who eventually learned my preferences and taste, by the end, I even did not need to request any changes.

Example of a design

Here’s an example of one of the designs I asked MeetAnders to create.

The first version:


The second version:


MeetAnders vs Kapa99

Apart from MeetAnders, my experience with unlimited graphic design was limited to Kapa99. So naturally, I compared these two services.


Kapa99 supports two workflows: by email and using Trello, a project management tool.

I used their email workflow and it was an inch away from being a nightmare. Everything went messy quickly and it was hard to keep track of things. I think it partially happened because I had more than one design in work in parallel as well as because Kapa99 were often misinterpreting my requests.

This crunch took a toll on me and I got exhausted by the end of the trial with Kappa99.

With MeetAnders, you can only communicate with them by email. Because there is one design in work at all the times and the requests are addressed properly, the email workflow works fine in this case.


I used both services for the same period of 14 days and submitted the same tasks, which were only infographics.

With Kapa99, I managed to do 9 infographics.

With Meetanders, I managed to do 5 infographics.

So, Kapa99 has a faster turnaround.


MeetAnders price is $497 a month. Kapa99 is cheaper since they charge only $399 a month.

But the price is not the decisive factor here.


The quality of the work by MeetAnders is much much better than the quality of work by Kapa99.

It was clear to me that the MeetAnders designer I was working with is a professional. Meanwhile, the Kapa99 designers seemed to produce very simplistic designs.

Here’s a design by MeetAnders:


And here’s a design by Kapa99 on the same topic and it was not even the worst design they produced):

kapa99 Infographic How to get US credit card in Canada-01

How’s MeetAnders compared to the other services?

I did not work with any other unlimited design services so I can only compare the price and other info they disclose on their websites.

Name Price per month Trial period Turnaround
Pebbled $99 No info 2-3 days
BrandStrong $236 14 days No info
DesignBees $260 14 days No info
Flocksy $349 14 days 1 day
Kapa99 $399 14 days 1day
Design Pickle $399 14 days 1 day
MeetAnders $497 14 days 1 day

Unfortunately, the comparison is not in favor of this service. Pretty much all other services are cheaper.

However, based on my unsuccessful experience with Kapa99, I would prefer to pay a bit more but get good designs and a headache-free collaboration 😅

It makes me really want to try out other services and see if the higher price of MeetAnders is justified.

Once I do that, I will update this post!

Should you hire MeetAnders for your design work?

If you tried other unlimited design services and you are still unsatisfied with them, I would say you should try MeetAnders. 

If you have never ever tried such service before, you may want to first look at cheaper alternatives to see if the quality of their work is good enough for you.


MeetAnders seems to be a new player on the market of unlimited design services. It’s a pretty good one but it’s also one of the most expensive services out there.

You can buy the service via my affiliate link.

Do you have experience working with unlimited design services? Or are you considering to give it a try? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will receive a small fee if you choose to buy after clicking on any of these links. Thank you if you do! 🤗

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