Ultimate Azon Theme Review Video: What I Like About The Theme And What I Don’t

Here comes the Ultimate Azon Theme review video I prepared for you. I use this theme on my Honey Bee website (see what the website nicknames mean here) and so far I am very happy with it. This is truly a theme created by an Amazon affiliate for Amazon affiliates!

So, I decided to share my happiness with you by creating this video review. But no worries! My happiness does not make me a less honest reviewer. Apart from talking about advantages of using Ultimate Azon Theme (my affiliate link), I did not forget to mention the cons of the themes to give you the full picture.

Ultimate Azon Theme Review Video

In the video, I covered only the flow in which the theme is set up on a fresh WP website that has no existing content and indexes pages. To explain the UAT features better, I created a website about digital multimeters from scratch. You can take a look at it if you want: dushonok.info.
I went through the setup guide that comes with the theme, and along the way, I pointed out the parts of the theme I like and the parts I do not like.

I wanted to add subtitles to the video, but it was taking soo much time.. so I gave up. If you do think subtitles would be useful, please let me know in comments, and I will add them.

I think UAT saves a lot of time when it comes to setting up a niche website from scratch. I hope my video will be useful for you when you decide to use the Ultimate Azon Theme on your website.

Pros And Cons Of UAT: Short List

In short, here are the list of pros and cons of UAT. I forgot to mention some of them in my video, so if you watched the video, you should still read the list.

Great pros:

  • predefined and easy to fill up structure that is designed specifically for niche websites with product reviews;
  • having this structure saves a lot of time while setting up a website;
  • the theme design has a proven record of producing a high click-through rate – the author of the theme is an Amazon affiliate, and firstly he created this theme for himself based on his vast knowledge;
  • the theme contains TONS of useful stuff:
    • SEO module;
    • Amazon link localization;
    • built-in tracking system that works with Google Tag Manager;
    • built-in comparison tables that cane be used as sliders or drag-n-drop tool;
    • affiliate disclaimer footer.

Cons are sooo minor comparing to the overall value the theme provides:

  • a bug in Firefox that prevents from creating custom specs fields;
  • not-so-great default design presets;
  • settings are sometimes a bit hard to understand;
  • this is one person project – the theme has been developed and is maintained by one guy;
  • this results in an overall feeling that the theme could have been more polished.

I hoped you liked the video and my post, and I hope this will help you to setup you own niche website using Ultimate Azon Theme!

More Information

To get even more information about the theme as  well as see the price, follow the UAT website link (which is also my affiliate link 😉 ).


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