Human Proof Designs Website Makes Money

I know many of you want to know how is my Rat Website that I bought from Human Proof Designs is doing. And I am happy to tell you that the website made its first revenue! Read the post to find out how much I got and what I have done so far.

This is a rewritten copy of a post I published at the end of April. In the new version, I updated the pictures of traffic graphs and added more details about what I did with the website. The rest of the text stayed pretty much the same.

First of all, for the ones who visit my blog for the first time, I will talk a bit about what website it is.

What Is a Human Proof Designs Website?

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I ordered Rat Website (the nickname I gave it) in August 2015. It took Dom and his team about 5 weeks to build it, so in September 2015, I got my new shiny niche website.

You can read more details about it in my review. In short, here is what Human Proof Design provided:

  • a beautiful fully set up website with about 9,500 words of content (I counted!) and more than 30 premium photos;
  • a premium theme and a bunch of useful plugins;
  • an access to the HPD tutorials that explain how to promote the website;
  • a lifetime support – ok, I cannot prove it is indeed lifetime but so far I can see that Dom does not drop his clients even after 7 months since the purchase;
  • that’s said that if you experience a problem with the website after 7 months (for example, the website theme expires as it happened to me), it will be fixed without problems; I was very pleased to find it out!

If you want to order a website from Dom, you can use here through my affiliate link.

Now let’s see the money!

Amazon Sales And Traffic

My first income from the website is $1.92. I got 3 sales last week.

Here is the stats graph from my Amazon account for the year 2016. It took the website about 9 months to start making money.

Human Proof Designs Website Amazon Traffic in 2016

Website Traffic

Now let’s take a look at the traffic. In April, the website was released from the Google Sandbox, and it shows. The graph below shows how the traffic grew during the last four months.

Human Proof Designs Website Traffic from Feb to May 2016

Here is a comparison between the last 30 days vs. the previous 30 days. As you can see, the traffic has significantly increased. However, the bounce rate has increased (though, slightly) and the pages / sessions metric has gone down. At the same time, the avgerage session duration has grown – I believe it happened thanks to new posts I added that contain videos.

Human Proof Designs Website Traffic for last 30 days in April - May 2016

The numbers make me think that I should start considering improving the page conversion. My website comes for one of very first batches Dom created and the original posts (written by Human Proof Designs writers) do not include any tables. I have heard that tables convert well, so I need to add them. And I think that in the websites Dom makes now, he adds comparison tables – specifically to improve the conversion.

What I’ve Done So Far

Now let’s take a look at what I have done with the website to grow its ranking and traffic.


In the end of the last year, I bought two Hoth packages: Mini and Platinum. It is hard to say how much it helped with ranking because the website was in Google Sandbox when I bought the packages. But I guess it is always good to have more backlinks.

Blog Commenting

I did some commenting on other blogs to make the backlink profile looking more natural. This also includes commenting on do-follow blogs that are very hard to find but are very useful in terms of ranking.

Lightning Rank

With a bit of hesitation, I ordered 5 Bolt Package of Lightning Rank.

Why hesitation? Because I wanted to avoid using public networks as much as possible and instead use my own PBN, which would be really private.

But building a PBN from ground up without experience takes sooo much time. And money, actually. I am building one for my other website, the Bee one, and I can see that only the content costs minimum $50 a blog. Sum up buying expired domains, paying for hosting, paying a VA to do a proper blog setup, and the number becomes 2-3 times higher. And all this is for one blog only!

Apart from saving money and effort and improving ranking, Lightning Rank has a reputation that is not so bad. It has been around for some time that includes the dark period of PBN-geddon called The Great Deindexing. The Great Deindexing happened in September 2014 when Google made a massive attack on PBN services and shut down many of them including one of the most popular ones, RankHero. Lightning Rank suffered a loss too but only 30% of its blogs were shut down. You can read more about it in the Jon’s post.

So, what is the Lightning Rank exactly?

Each Lightning Rank package includes:

  • articles – one or many depending on the size of the package – on a subject relevant to your niche website (each article contains one link to your website);
  • a placement of the articles on the front page of blogs that belong to a relevant niche.

The articles stay on the front page for one month and then they slowly move down to the inner pages of the blog. The links will stay untouched but they will bring in less juice. In order to keep your links on the front page, you have to pay again. By default, the payment is recurrent so your links will stay on the front page until the moment you cancel the package.

Adding New Content

Through October 2015 and April 2016 I published 11 new posts.

It was a mix of product reviews and posts with useful tips and tricks applicable to the products. Each post is about 1000 – 2000 words long.

The tips & tricks posts are gaining a lot of traction thanks to their usefulness and I plan to use it to improve the conversion.

 What’s Next?

Here is what I plan to do next with my Human Proof Design website:

  • buy the Lightning Rank package for one or two more months;
  • improve conversion on the most visited pages by adding comparison tables;
  • continue commenting on relevant blogs;
  • continue adding new content.

I will continue updating you regularly on the sales and traffic of the website. Stay tuned!


Some of the links in this income report are affiliate links. I will receive a small fee if you choose to buy after clicking on any of these links. Thank you if you do!

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