Easy Blog Networks Increases Prices In September

If you wanted to buy a plan from Easy Blog Networks, better do it now before the end of August.

Starting on September 1st, EBN will adjust prices for all the plans and will shut down some plans and roll out new plans. The average price increase will be 20%.

Easy Blog Networks is a hosting solution designed specifically for PBNs. Apart from a protection against a possible Google de-indexing, it offers automation tools that make a life of PBN webmasters easier.

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The price increase is caused by a significant improvement of the EBN infrastructure. Now it will allow to offer up to 500 unique IPs. It’s a tenfold increase from current limit. This is a great improvement for all users; in fact, the feature has been in request by many clients since long time. Apart from the upgrade, each regular user will be kept below 5% of the total IP pool.

Here is the table with the new prices and plans – and the old prices for comparison for the plans that exist now.

New EBN Plans
Plan # Blogs # Unique IPs New Price Notes
Mini 10 10 $35 Old price is $29
Blogger 15 15 $49 Did not exist before
Blogger+ 25 25 $69 Did not exist before
Webmaster 40 40 $99 Did not exist before
Webmaster+ 70 70 $149 Did not exist before
Agency 100 100 $199 Old price is $179
Enterprise 150 150 150 $279 Did not exist before
Enterprise 200 200 200 $359 Did not exist before
Enterprise 250 250 250 $439 Did not exist before
Enterprise 300 300 300 $529 Did not exist before
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If you are already subscribed to a plan, the price change will not affect you.

Everybody who has one of the old plans will also receive this upgrade that will allow to have up to 500 IPs. If you have been planning to upgrade your existing plan, it is better to do it before the end of August to get an advantage of the old cheaper pricing.

If you were planning to give it a try and get the smallest possible plan (Mini with 10 blogs), it is also better to get it now. Otherwise, you will be paying extra $6 / month.

If you want to subscribe, just click on my link. BTW in the beginning, you will get a 7-day test drive for only $7.


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