LivingOffCloud SEO & Affiliate Marketing News Roundup📰: May 2020 Edition

Seems like the challenges we had in April was not enough!😫

In May, Google rolled out one of their regular core search algorithm updates… and it had a huge impact

Many sites lost about 20-30% of traffic (some of my sites among them 😭), many gained it (my sites are not among them 😭), and there was that weird deindexing bug that happened right after the beginning of the update. The bug made LinkedIn site drop out of the Google index 😱 and in total, 4% of the Google index was hit by it, according to Moz 😣

So, this news release will talk about this update plus a few things you can learn to make your work as an SEO and affiliate marketer more efficient.

You will read about:

  • A couple of analysis of May 2020 Update including a few case studies
  • The history of notable Google updates
  • A guide to Google search operators
  • How to track the anchor text of incoming links with Google Tag Manager
  • How to vet affiliate programs (a podcast episode)

An Intensive Analysis Of The May 2020 Google Core Update By MHC

👉👉👉 www.mariehaynes.com/may-2020-core-google-update/

It’s not the first time an article by Marie Haynes appears in my news (check out this and this). I find her analytical posts full of interesting info, insights, and even suggestions on how to fix problems and I love reading them! 👍

This post is no exception. 

Maire dives deep into the May 2020 Google Update and talks about what Google may have reassessed in this update and provides examples of websites that gained traffic in May.

It’s an interesting read – as usual.

Now, let’s follow that topic and read about more of the sites affected by the algo update in both negative and positive ways ↙↘

We Were Hit By The Google May 2020 Core Update – I Think…

👉👉👉 www.seroundtable.com/hit-by-the-google-may-2020-core-update-29454.html

Nobody is immune to having their organic traffic going down – even big sites!

In this post, SeroundTable reveals they have been hit by the May algo update 😱 In the post, they provide the Google Analytics stats, SEMrush charts, and more.

organic research at seroundtable.com
Image credit: seroundtable.com

And speaking of sites affected by the update, here are more of them along with yet another analysis of what has changed.

The May 2020 Google Core Update – 4 Case Studies That Emphasize The Complexity Of Broad Core Algorithm Updates

👉👉👉 www.gsqi.com/marketing-blog/may-2020-google-core-update-case-studies/

I love case studies and cannot get enough of them!

This post has four of them that are focused on how various websites got affected by the latest algo update. The article also analyses what may have been the reasons for that as well 🕵️‍♀️

The post mentions older updates by Google. If you forgot what they were (which is no wonder since they now happen all the time!🙄), the next post in my News release will refresh your memory. 

Google Algorithm Updates by Year

👉👉👉 www.bruceclay.com/blog/google-algorithm-updates/

“The only thing that’s constant in search engine optimization is change” – I cannot agree more!

Here’s the list of the biggest updates Google rolled out from 2009 to 2020. For each of the updates, you can read what was (allegedly) updated and what types of the websites were affected.

Ok, enough about Google updates! Let’s about a couple of things that can help you with day-to-day SEO activities for your site.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Operators and Google Search Commands

👉👉👉 www.semrush.com/blog/google-search-operators/

Here’s a huge, long, and truly ultimate guide that will help you to master Google search operators.

You would use these tags to investigate your competition or to find problems on your site. In both cases, they can be extremely helpful! 😻

Tracking The Anchor Text For Incoming Links In Google Tag Manager

👉👉👉  www.thyngster.com/tracking-the-anchor-text-for-the-incoming-links-in-google-tag-manager/ 

Do you use Google Tag Manager (GTM)? If you don’t, you should since it offers so many possibilities to gain more insights about your site stats. 

I personally use it for tracking non-Amazon affiliate links and for tracking some internal behavior flows my site visitors go through.

So this is a post about how to track anchor text for incoming links 🤯 It is more on the advanced level. It does require some coding as well as knowledge of GTM.

I have not tried it myself but I am very excited to see that doing that is actually possible!

Watch it how it works live:

And now, let’s switch to the last piece today, which is about vetting affiliate programs if you are looking for replacements for the Amazon Affiliate program.

#201 – 12 Things You Should Never Overlook When Choosing A New Affiliate Program

👉👉👉 www.authorityhacker.com/new-aff-programs/

As you remember, Amazon slashed their affiliate fees in April. After that, I bet many of you decided to diversify and look out for other affiliate programs 👀 (I definitely did so!).

There are tons of affiliate programs available over there! But how to choose the good ones? How not to get scammed? 🤔

Gael and Mark from Authority Hacker Pro address it in one of their podcast episodes.

If you are on a hunt for affiliate programs, you should so listen to it 👂

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