Website Broker Review: 5 Businesses That Can Help You Get Your Own Business

For buying a website I have closely monitored offerings from two online business brokers: FEInternational and Empire Flippers. Reads my website broker review to find out whos’s the best among them. Why Using a Website Broker? I decided to use a website broker for one simple reason: I am very new to this business and I […]

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How To Wire Transfer Money: My Experience

Why do I need to do wire transfers? As you know from my very first post in this blog, I am actively working on buying an established website. I am using a help of two online brokers (I will write about them in a separate post), and they both accept payments by wire transfers. So, […]

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How To Start a Niche Website With Human Proof Designs Based On My Experience 👩‍💻

Following my plan, I started building my first niche website a few weeks ago. No, not like this. I outsourced the building process of my first niche website 🎉 This was a great answer to the question “How to start a niche website”. At least for me. Why outsourcing? 🤔 I know myself well. When it […]

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My First Monthly Income Report: September 2015

In this blog, I write about what I am doing to create several different income streams coming from online endeavors. The monthly income reports detail my results. Why am I sharing my income publicly? I hope to gain credibility with you and to keep some degree of accountability for myself. It’s one story when I […]

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Living Off Cloud: Making My Online Income Dream Come True

Welcome To LivingOffCloud.com! My name is Nadya, and I am the person behind the blog. Living Off Cloud: My Online Income Dream My dream is to earn an online income big enough to replace my regular income. What does online income mean? It means earning money from online ventures:  niche websites, eCommerce, online investment, etc. It is any way […]

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