October 2015 Income Report: Bought My First Website!

In this blog, I write about what I am doing to create various income streams that come from online endeavors. The monthly income reports detail my results.

Here is my second monthly income report. You can see the first one here.

Why am I sharing my income publicly? I hope to gain trustworthiness with you and to keep some degree of accountability for myself. It’s one story when I blog about my victories and failures, and it’s a very different one when the posts are supported by real numbers. That’s how I can prove that not only do I brag about successes but also do a hard work every day to reach the said level.

The reports motivate me. I tend to forget my small achievements… and reports like this one won’t let me do it 🙂 Apart from that, they help me to remember how much I have already invested. It is a motivation to push harder – though this is the one more of a negative one hehe. Well, I need different kinds of motivations, right?

Ok, back to the numbers!

The month October 2015 has again had mostly expenses and some big ones! It is not a surprise because in October I bought a website! This big purchase screwed up the numbers a bit.


So, let’s see how much I have spent in October 2015 and where the money’s gone to.

Expense Amount Notes
Outsourced writing $56.00 Kept working on a niche website I am building myself
Hoth Mini $60.00 Started building white-hat backlinks for a niche website I am building myself
50 expired domains from Hammerhead $67.00  For my PBN
Domain registration $20.30 For my PBN
PBN hosting $12.00 For my PBN
Hosting $53.30 Upgraded the BlueHost domain plan to host multiple websites
Stock Image for blog $3.00 Bought an image for my blog
KickFurther Investments $254.20 Online investments
Bought a website $15,000.00 Yikes!
Wire transfer fees $50.00 Paid for wiring the payment for the website
Total $15,571.07

Yeah, investing so much money into a website really dwarfed all my numbers. However, it all was planned in advance. In fact, I have underspent because the initial goal was to spend $20,000 on acquiring online businesses.

In October, I was planning to start building a PBN for the website I got from HumanProofDesign (read about it here). However, instead of 5 blogs I have created only 1.5 and then I stopped. There are a couple of reasons.

I am very sad to tell you that my great freelance writer got injured in the last earthquake in Pakistan. He was writing articles for my PBN when it happened. His brother contacted me and said that Fasih got to the hospital 🙁 I do not know the details and even do not know how hard he was hurt. That’s a very sad and tragic accident, and I hope he was not injured too badly and will recover fast.

The other event was that getting my Amazon Associate account approved did not go as smooth as I hoped. I applied with the website from HumanProofDesign (HPD). Then I bought a mature website and added it to the same account. The website brought in a sale and triggered the application review. To my surprise, the application got rejected because the website by HPD had too much “advertisement” content. What a bummer! if you want to know more details, you can this post where I describe it fully.

Thus, building PBN was put on hold until I find a new freelancer and figure out my Amazon Associate account (which has happened already: I got approved a few days before publishing this post.)

Ah, and I almost forgot to say that in October I invested in Kickfurther only the money I got from the payouts. I did not add any “fresh” funds – the money that was made by the initial investment has started making more money 🙂 Compound interest! Totally passive and effortless 🙂

If you are new to my blog, you may ask: What is Kickfurther?


Kickfurther is like Kickstarter, but instead of a product you get real money! Click To Tweet

Kickfurther (you can get a $5 credit from my link) is an online platform that allows small investors like myself to invest into American small businesses. The businesses ask backers to fund their inventory in exchange for a consigned rate. If the funding goal is met, Kickfurther buys the inventory and provides it to the business. The business then sells it, making payouts to the backers monthly depending on the inventory sold.
If you want to know more, you can read it my dedicated post about this online investment platform.


Of course, I did earn some income in October.

First of all, I have started getting a steady income from the website I bought.

Second of all, some online investments from KickFurther have paid back.

Income Amount Notes
AdSense $238.16 Revenue from the website I bought
Kickfurther $143.20 Partially paid online investment plus interest
Total $381.36


Here are my totals for October 2015.

Total income $381.36 minus total expenses $15,521.07 makes a net profit of -$15,139.71.
Heh, this number looks scary! But the $15,000 is a strategic investment and nothing else.

My Monthly Income Report: October 2015

I prepared another graph that excludes the big scary investment. Here you can see that my income is growing and the gap between spending and revenue is decreasing.

My Monthly Income Report: October 2015

The next month November 2015 I project that my income will outgrow the expenses.

We will see if it is true. Stay tuned!

P.S. A photo of me taken by my colleague at the office. Working hard! Hehe :))

My Monthly Income Report: October 2015



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