Last Post of Year 2015: Happy Holidays And See You in 2016!

I can’t believe it will be 2016 in only 10 days! I feel like that we have just recently celebrated the New Year 2015 – but it is already a whole year passed!

So I wanted to pause and reflect on where I am today and what’ve happened in 2015.

I started this blog in September 2015 with a goal of documenting my journey to the financial freedom. Because of this blog, I pretty much shut down my fashion blog dushonok.com… but I do not regret it. Turns out it is much easier and much more fun to write about money making than about fashion! 🙂

In the first post of the blog, I laid out a plan for the next 18 months that would help me to achieve my dream. Then I started acting on the plan:

The revenue has started rolling in, and I write all about it in the Income Reports section of the website.

I can say that so far it has all been good!

So LivingOffCloud goes on the Christmas holidays, and we will see each other the next year. I will open the new 2016 year chapter with the December 2015 income report and will write about how well (or not well) I have been following my initial plan.

As of the photo, this is a photo of me from the last year. I took it for my fashion blog during the Christmas 2014 holidays. I do not have time to take pictures anymore (too busy growing my online empire) thus, no fresh photos this year. While I do not look like on the picture anymore – I got my hair cut shorter and colored it – I still like the holiday spirit the photo channels. That’s why I decided to use it for the post.

So! Thank you so much for reading my blog and following my journey to the financial freedom!

I wish you and your relatives Happy Holidays!

See you in the Year 2016!

  • Updated December 20, 2015
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