Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2020 For Bloggers And Affiliate Marketers 💪💰

Now, it’s time to save money on essential tools and services! 🎉

Check out my post where I collect the best Black Friday Deals 2020 for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and niche website owners 🎉

I add only the deals that I have tried and the ones that I am confident in! I am sure you will love these deals and find them awesomely useful 😀 Believe me, I am a member of many, many affiliate programs but I recommend only a handful of them!

Here, I’ll talk about four cool deals 😎:
  1. Human Proof Designs 👫 to buy sites and site-growing services (coupon codes vary)
  2. Depositphotos on AppSumo 🖼 to get stock images for cheap 🤑 – FINISHED
  3. GeneratePress WordPress theme 🎞 a light-weight, very customizable WP theme – FINISHED
  4. AAWP plugin for the Amazon Affiliate program – FINISHED
  5. Cloudways ☁ the hosting platform that makes your sites fast while allowing you to manage them with ease – FINISHED
  6. Tailwind 📌 the best tool to work with Pinterest – FINISHED

Now, let’s look at them in detail 🕵️‍♀️

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will receive a small fee if you choose to buy after clicking on any of these links. Thank you if you do! 🤗

human proof designs

🤨 What is it about?

They make Ready-Made, Aged, and Revenue-Generating niche websites to help you jump-start or expand your online business.

The sites are supplemented with such essential packages as trainings, content writing services, keywords packs, link building, and more.

🤔 What's the deal?

25% off the sites and up to 30% off on selected packages – Human Proof Designs coupons depend on the package.

😀 Why you should get it

Human Proof Designs (HPD) make it easy to enter the niche website business! Or to grow the existing one!

You can get from Ready-Made websites that are not built yet to Aged sites that are already indexed by Google and starting ranking to Revenue-Generating ones that are already bringing in a profit.

In addition,  Human Proof Designs offers other services such as Content Writing, SEO, Keyword packs, Training, and more. It’s all you need to grow your online business.

Depositphotos logo

depositphotos on appsumo

🤨 What is it about?

It’s 100 credits for stock photo and vector image downloads of ANY size (small, medium, and large) on Depositphotos, a popular stock photo platform.  The deal is posted on AppSumo, yet another platform for buying awesome tools and software.

🤔 What's the deal?

$39.00 for 100 credits – FINISHED

😀 Why you should get it

Depositphotos is a cool photo stock platform with a lot of choices. They have high-quality photos, they have awesome vector graphics, and they have a great search! Exactly what you need to add cool pictures to your articles 👍

This deal is a bargain – you pay only 39c per photo 🤯 It’s almost 3 times cheaper compared to the deal Depositphotos have posted on their site: $100 per 100 credits 😏

Also, 100 credits is a lot! I’ve been buying this exact deal for 2 years straight and I still have 75 credits left out of 200 😜 Despite that, I’ve still bought it this year 😆

generatepress logo

generatepress wp theme

🤨 What is it about?

GeneratePress is a light-weight WordPress theme that can be extended with a premium pack of extensions.

🤔 What's the deal?

Take off up to $40 – FINISHED

😀 Why you should get it

GeneratePress is one of the most popular light-weight WP themes out there and it’s a solid-rock choice for you to build your website on. Many highly experienced webmasters use GeneratePress for all of their sites (myself included.)

Their customer support is amazing (though I have never used it.) However, given the popularity of the theme, you most likely don’t even need it. It’s just so easy to google answers to most of the questions you may have.

A big advantage of GeneratePress is that you do not need multiple licenses to use it on more than one website. You can use a single license on all your sites.

GeneratePress actually is free 🤯 but it’s not very useful 🤷‍♀️ The true power of the theme is in its premium features: customizable colors and fonts, layout options, menus, and more.

cloudways logo

Cloudways Hosting

🤨 What is it about?

It’s a managed hosting that is super fast, flexible, and has awesome customer support (speaking from experience.)

🤔 What's the deal?

Take 40% OFF for 4 months – FINISHED

😀 Why you should get it

Cloudways lets you set up your servers in exactly the way you need them. You only pay for the resources you’ve allocated rather than per site. Scale up and down to control your cost as needed!

You can host as many websites on one server as you wish. This lets you save money if your sites are not very big. You can create as many staging websites as needed without any extra cost – as long as you run them on the existing servers.

If you run multiple servers, you optimize the usage by choosing what websites to host on which machines and how to place your staging sites.

Cloudways is well-known among niche webmasters and is recommended by many of them. I moved my website fleet to this hosting a couple of months ago and never looked back! 

aawp logo

AAwp plugin

🤨 What is it about?

AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

It’s an awesome tool that makes working with the Amazon Affiliate program a breeze. The plugin connects to the Amazon Affiliate API and automatically pulls all the needed data from there.

🤔 What's the deal?

Get 30% Off on all new licenses – FINISHED

😀 Why you should get it

AAWP plugin makes working with Amazon super convenient thanks to such features as GEO targeting to monetize traffic from other regions, tracking link clicks, comparison tables, beautiful widgets, customizing the look of your Amazon links, pulling Amazon images w/o storing them on your website, and more 🤯

The AAWP developers have been working closely with Amazon itself to make sure their plugin is compliant with the Amazon TOS and won’t make you banned.
I have been using it for about 4 years and I am absolutely in love with it ♥

Please note: In order to use the plugin, your Amazon account has to have access to the API. If it’s a new account, it has to generate at least 3 sales.

tailwind logo vertical

Tailwind Scheduler

🤨 What is it about?

It’s a tool for auto-scheduling images on Pinterest. It also gives you access to their Pinterest communities (Tribes), analytics to see what pins perform the best, a tool to create Pinterest designs, and more! 😍

🤔 What's the deal?

50% off on the annual Plus Plan 🤯 – FINISHED

😀 Why you should get it

Tailwind simplifies your work with Pinterest 🤩

If you want to get serious with Pinterest, you better avoid doing only manual pinning. It’s just too much work! Simply train your VA to schedule them in Tailwind and that’s it 😉

Tailwind has a Team / Collaborators feature to manage the access level of the users. You can assign your VA a limited role that allows them to do only certain things. This way, you know they won’t screw up anything in your account.

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