How To Reach Out LivingOffCloud: Email, Facebook, Twitter, RSS

Now you can subscribe to my blog updates by email! 🙂 I have implemented an email subscription, and now you can find the form in the top of the right sidebar of each post (right on the right side of the top photo) and subscribe to the blog updates.

It can be useful for you if you read my blog regularly. Apart from emails, you can also like my Facebook page, follow my Twitter account, or subscribe to RSS.

I did not plan to do it so soon since my blog is only 3 months old. But recently I showed the blog to one of the friends of mine, and her first question was – how do I subscribe for updates? The same day I put up a basic email subscription.

So you guys now can receive the new posts tight in your inbox. At the moment, I plan to send only blog updates and nothing else. But in the future I do plan to treat my subscribers in a special way – maybe some extra content or special deals… Though, I do not think it will happen very  soon.

Currently, I am quite busy with my niche websites, so I decided to keep this post short.

What exactly am I busy with?

Well, I got some news. I bought one more website and started building yet another one! I will share the details in my income report for November, so stay tuned! Now it has become even easier 😉

P.S. Yep, that’s me on the picture. Though, the photo is not super recent – it was taken in the middle of the year for my fashion blog. Just wanted to attract your attention 😉

  • Updated November 29, 2015
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