$0 – $10,000 Over The Shoulder Case Study on Human Proof Designs Forum

I always look for new inexpensive ways to learn more about niche website making.

I have been thinking of buying a course from AuthorityNicheHackers for a while now. However, their prices are a bit too steep for me (> $700.) I am sure it’s worth the money; I just cannot bring myself to pay it, at least not now.

So I am always looking for cheaper alternatives.

And the good thing they exist. At least a couple of them

Learning by reading blogs of fellow internet marketers such as Matthew Woodward is one alternative.

I am doing it a lot, every day. While it is helpful, its downside is that the information is not always up to date and as structured as I would like it to be. I need to read a lot in order to find the most relevant info and select the bits that I can apply to my reality.

The other way is to follow case studies posted by more experienced webmasters.

Case Studies: Are they all made equal?

Watching case studies is a great ay (at least for me) way to learn. It is more of a step-by-step tutorial explaining several processes at a time. It gives me a whole picture which I can tweak and where I can plug in some of my own knowledge.

However, I found that many case studies lack important details.

Here is an example of one posted by Jon. It’s very inspirational and gives a global plan of action to do each month.


How exactly to execute each step on my own?

Yes, I know that the skyscraper technique, guest posts, PBNs, it all works miracles for a site traffic. But how can I actually do it? What are the concrete steps? Jon does not say much (apart from linking to the services that do it for you.)

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When Dom from Human Proof Designs announced his “$0 to $10,000 over the shoulder case study,” I got so happy! Knowing how much attention Dom pays to the details… I knew it would be a good project.

He recently sold the biggest websites he owned and thought it would be a good idea to start a couple of new projects. This would allow his to show his customers how to do grow a website from the very scratch. Dom plans to do the updates until the very end when he will sell the websites; it will be at least 2 websites and maybe more.

Instead of sharing the case study on the blog, Dom decided to publish the videos on HPD Forum, an online community where internet marketers can share their experience and ask questions.

The forum is not free – the membership is paid (an affiliate link.)

And this is a good thing!


Well, it means that the case study will have all the level of the details it needs to have. Dom will share the website URLs, the actual keywords, and every step he will be doing along the way. Making the case study semi-private intensities him because: 1 – it attracts attention to his forum, 2 – reduces the number of copy-cats who would try to replicate the websites.

On my side, paying for the forum membership is much cheaper than buying the course I mentioned in the intro. And I get the knowledge and action items I need.

What is Dom’s case study about? (and how I’ll benefit from it)

As I mentioned above, the case study will have all the details it needs to have to be actually useful.

Apart from providing with the steps to grow new sites, Dom will show how to “troubleshoot” an already established site. This will include analyzing what’s working and what’s not and how to tweak various things on the site.

Dom has already posted the first video. In this video, he selected the websites (an aged one and a new one using a “lucky draw” to avoid being biased against the niches) and talked about the overall plan of actions. He will be posting one video a week and each video will describe what he has done during each week. It will make it convenient for participants to follow along and try to replicate the steps on their side.

I do not plan to launch any new website, though. But I still plan to benefit from the study.

At least one of my sites is in a great need of the steps Dom will do for his new websites. The others are no longer “new” in this sense but there are tons of improvements I can do there as well 😀 I am sure they will benefit from Dom’s troubleshooting parts.

Each video is posted on the forum as a separate topic. This allows the participants to post questions for each session. There already are plenty f questions under the first video 🙂

Let’s follow it together!

Let’s follow the case study together!

The normal price of the forum membership is $59 / month. However, in May, the price will be as low as $49 / month. And it’s for the lifetime so no any increases will be in the future.

You can register on the forum (or just read more details about the promo) by clicking on my affiliate link.

See you there 🙂

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