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Tools And Services I Use And Recommend

Here is a list of tools and services I use for my online business. In fact, you can find here only the tools I like and recommend to use. For my surprise, the list turned out to be pretty big! I still omitted a few ones; I guess I will add them later!

Let me know in comments what you think about it as well as whether you have any recommendations!



I used to be with GoDaddy until I saw how much they charged me after the first year of owning a domain 😮 GoDaddy is good if you need a domain for 1 year since they offer tons of coupons and discounts in the beginning. But if you plan to hold onto your domains for a while, go with Namecheap.com. WHOIS privacy is free for the 1st year and then, it’s only… let’s just look at a comparison table below.

Here is a comparison table of the prices of the registrars I have used:

Service Price With Privacy Price Without Privacy
GoDaddy $30.82 $20.83
BlueHost $23.87 $15.00
Namecheap $15.00 $11.00

I think Namecheap clearly justifies its name and using it a no-brainer.

If you want to take a look at Namecheap yourself, you can do it here.



Why Bluehost? Well… I do not know. Maybe it was the same reason why I went with GoDaddy – it is one of the most touted shared hostings.

I decided to try them as an alternative to Hostgator, which I really do not like. In fact, both hostings are owned by the same company so in the end, it’s not much difference between them.

I cannot say anything bad about Bluehost (but I do about Hostgator) so that’s why Bluehost is on the list (and HostGator is not.)

Go ahead and try it if you are in search for a cheap shared hosting (disclaimer: I am affiliated with Bluehost.)

SEO tools

Cheap Access to Ahrefs, SemRush, etc

To get a cheap access to these tools, I use GroupBuySEOTools.com.

The same people who made GroupBuySEOTools.com are behind seogroupbuy.tools. This one positions itself as the highest number of online tools available online.

It is a group-buy service with all above (AhRef, SemRush) plus much more for a cheaper price. Apart from AhRef, SemRush, it includes Majestic, Moz, etc. I chose it at the time because it seemed to be the cheapest among all similar services. Now I like them for a great customer support and how they are upfront with telling about all the limitations their service’s tools have.

With Ahrefs and Semrush from the service, you can do competition research, keyword research – the majority of the tasks you do while building your niche websites. What you won’t be able to do is to add your websites and track them on a permanent basis. For me, it’s fine but maybe it won’t be suitable for you.

I have been using GroupBuySEOTools.com since November 2016. They sometimes have hiccups in delivering services but I still think it is worth it given the price. And again, their customer support is great. In the beginning, due to the hiccups, I had quite a few conversations with the support and it was always a good experience.

I plan to switch from GroupBuySEOTools.com to seogroupbuy.tools because what they offer so many tools I am using every day.

Check it out here.


I use their free plan where I track the ranking of Honeybee 🐝 Website.

You can try it below:


I use their free plan where I track the ranking of Rat 🐀 Website.

You can find it here.

WordPress tools

Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme

I use this WP theme on one of my websites and truly think it is very well done for niche websites. I have not tried any other niche website theme so I cannot compare.

If you want to take a look at it, go here.

Eazy Azon Plugin

This is a plugin I use to add Amazon affiliate links. I think this tool is pretty well-known in the community. I like it and use on all of my Amazon sites (I have total of 4 now.)

Get it here.

PBN management services

Easy Blog Networks

This is a very convenient and safe PBN management service. It hosts your blogs on a variety of IP addresses thus masking them from Google. The blogs are all presented on a dashboard where you can see main characteristics of each domain: DA, TF, CF, traffic, etc.

I like it very much and I think it is fantastic.

Take a look yourself.

Buy Bulk Hosting

This is also a great service, though it has a lower level of automatization. This service hosts blogs with reputable providers such as BlueHost, Hostgator, etc. It also allows them to mask PBNs by blending with “normal” blogs. The service has a dashboard where you can see the DA of the blogs as well as get a convenient access to the blogs’ CPanel.

I use it to diversify hostings in my PBN.

Check them out here.

Mining expired domains

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Very convenient tool for mining good expired domains. I tried a few competitors of the tool before and so far, this one is the best.

I managed to find a few great expired domains using this tool.

Go check it here.

Squid Proxies

This is a service that provides proxies for Domain Hunter Gatherer, the tool above. Tools like Domain Hunter Gatherer make a lot of requests to search engines and in order to not be blocked by the said engines, it is highly recommended to do calls from different IP addresses. This is where proxy services come in handy.

It is the only proxy service I tried and it works well.

You can get it here.

Organizing/office tools

Password manager LastPass

This is a tool where I store there all my login credentials for all websites 🔐 It organizes everything nicely and allows to have access from all devices I have – though, for mobile, you would need to pay. The rest is free.

If you want to take a look at it, go here.

Session Manager

This is a Firefox plugin that organizes windows/browsing sessions. I use it to manage the access to all my niche websites and PBN websites. Very convenient.

You can get it here.

Zoho Docs

This is a free alternative to Google Docs. I use it intensively to work with VAs. They offer tons of convenient functionality including doc sharing, change history, etc.

Zoho.com includes also a free email, an accounting software, a CRM, and other stuff. I use their email for my PBN blogs.

Simply go to zoho.com and enjoy!


A free cross-platform alternative to MSOffice. I use it occasionally on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is good enough for my needs and it is free!

You can download it from here.

Accounting: WaveApps

This is a free accounting online solution I use to track my expenses and prepare reports. I do not like it that much but unfortunately, I cannot find any alternative that would be also free and have reports 📈

You can try it here.

Niche websites for beginners: Human Proof Designs

This is a service that makes ready-to-own niche websites in a variety of niches. This is where I got my Rat 🐀 Website.

Take a look at Human Proof Designs here.

Short-term Investments: Kickfurther

This is a platform that allows you easily invest in various businesses across the U.S.

In short, you lend money to one of the businesses vetted by the platform and during a few months (depending on the contract) you get your money back plus a nice extra. The interest rates are pretty high – 10-12% and sometimes more – but you have to remember that they come with a higher risk. The payments depend on the sales of a business and may fall behind.

Check them out here.

Some of the links in this income report are affiliate links. I will receive a small fee if you choose to buy after clicking on any of these links. Thank you if you do!