Welcome To LivingOffCloud.com! My name is Nadya, and I am the person behind the blog.

While originally I am from Russia, currently I live in a lovely French-speaking city called Montreal, Canada. Currently, I work full-time as a software engineer.


What This Blog Is About

In this blog, I will share my journey of building online businesses and earning money online. I will capture all the difficult moments I am facing during my journey to the online freedom. This information will be useful for everybody else who is looking for ways to make a spare buck coming in a form of (semi) passive income.

You can read about my goals and how I plan to achieve them in my very first blog post.

My Niche Website Portfolio

Here are the niche websites I got so far:

  1. The 1st acquired website: Elephant 🐘
    The monetization methods: AdSense, Amazon Affiliate.
    I bought this website in October 2015. Read the story of its acquisition here.
    In March 2017, I added to it a couple of extra websites in the same niche. Now, this is an umbrella name for all websites I own in this niche. Read more about Elephant 🐘 family here.
  2. The 2nd acquired website: Horse 🐎
    The monetization method: AdSense.
    I bought this website in November 2015. Read the story of its acquisition here.
  3. The website I bought from Human Proof Designs: Rat 🐀
    The monetization method: Amazon Affiliate.
    I got a website with the structure in place that was filled with the content written for a group of keywords with a high potential. It is a beautiful site with beautiful pictures and an airy design. Too bad I cannot show it to you 😀
  4. The website I am building myself: Honeybee 🐝
    The monetization method: Amazon Affiliate.
    For this website, I am doing everything myself: Keyword research, articles, design, etc. I used the Ultimate Azon theme; you can read my review of it here.

Tools I Use

To find out what tools I use in my day-to-day activities, check this page.


Having my own business was something I have been dreaming about since long, long time. In the last few years, I tested the water by being involved with a couple of local physical retail businesses. I collaborated with two local stores, Quartier Mode and FripeFabrique.

My most serious engagement was the one with FripeFabrique or FF, and it lasted about 2 years. After working shoulder to shoulder with Michelle, the founder, and sharing with her the everyday victories and troubles of the store, I realized that offline businesses are not for me. Every business owns the owner (not the other way around hehe), but the offline one owns you ten times more! Managing a physical location is a burden that leaves no room for enjoying the life. Not mentioning the expenses that eat up the profit and make it close to nothing. After learning about the harsh reality, I decided to move on and explore online business instead.

My big passion is fashion and DIY, and I decided to try to make money off DIY Fashion blogging. I have a blog dushonok.com where I used to write about my DIY adventures. It was fun, but… But I quickly realized that there is not much money in this niche, even in the online one. The niche is very crowded, plus I made a strategic mistake of building the blog based on my personality and style. I was swallowed by various DIY projects and pressed by the constant need of delivering the content. However, outsourcing the work was not an option (I cannot outsource myself). I realized that personal blogs seem to rarely make a good business.

So I changed my focus yet again! This time, I decided to be agnostic about the niche. In other words, I decided to go into niche website business without focusing on a particular subject.

Living Off Cloud: My Online Income Dream

My dream is to earn an online income big enough to replace my regular income. What does online income mean? It means earning money from online ventures:  niche websites, eCommerce, online investment, etc. It is any way that allows making money online. Basically, I want to live off the Internet, or Cloud, hence the name.


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